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My name is Martina Nacházelová. I was born on 28th November 1990 and live in Prague (Czech Republic) since then. I have a Bachelor's degree in Ecological and Evolutionary Biology and now I continue my studies in Zoology (specifically Ecology and Ethology of Animals) at Charles University in Prague.

In art I am self-taught, but I love creating new things and let my imagination run wild, thus I try to spend as much time practicing as possible to become better and better.

I mainly draw animals and fantasy creatures, but I like challenging myself with new topics, too. I can use several traditional media, but in December 2010 I started with digital art and today I draw mostly in Photoshop, using Wacom Cintiq Companion tablet since the end of 2013.

Art is my hobby, but occasionally I try my luck with freelancing and I take commissions. For more information, questions or suggestions, please contact me.


Apart from drawing, my hobbies include ornithology and birdwatching, that are connected to my studies and fieldwork. I also love travelling, especially to far-away places with beautiful nature and rich wildlife :)

I also enjoy sports, I am learning Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate Do and keep myself more or less fit doing CrossFit. 

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